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To see you smile is to feel the sun, Your Grace.

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make me choose » bashooking asked Mash or Captain Swan

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I had a different post in mind when I sat down…but then I saw some other posts and comments and now I’m on this tangent, so bear with me and be warned: A TIRADE IS AHEAD. READ WITH CAUTION.

First let me say, I didn’t hate these episodes.  They were fine.  I find the politics intriguing…but I didn’t hop on the Reign wagon for intriguing politics.  I think Toby Regbo is upping his game, Adelaide Kane is off of hers a bit, Torrance Coombs spent most of his game on the bench, and Megan Follows…well, Megan Follows invented the game.  She owns it now.  Everyone else should just retire.  

But “fine” is a far cry from last year, when I was the one proselytizing Reign and begging folks to help its ratings.   Call me harsh but these days I wouldn’t really feel that bad if the show got cancelled because I kind of feel like the show I loved already did.  My Reign is gone and there’s a new and kind of meh Reign in its spot on the schedule. 

^^^^^That was where my original post would have ended , but then I saw a “but this is history” and a “the one thing we can’t change is the King and Queen’s love and marriage” comment on another persons post and well…I can’t get passionate about the Reign on my TV these days but I can get passionate about the Reign that isn’t and should have been.

So lets begin…..

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You’ve listed almost every single one of my frustrations with Reign beautifully. The uselessness of Bash makes me absolutely mad. I will add one more frustration though. What really makes me furious is their (reign writers, fraries) hypocrisy. They go on and on saying how it is unacceptable to change major historical facts (like Mary’s and Francis’s undying luvvvvv for each other). But heeeeeeello guys, you’ve changed A LOT of major historical facts:

- Why is Francis not a dwarf?;
- Francis never had a son bastard or not;
- Francis never was at war;
- and most certainly FRANCIS NEVER KILLED HIS FATHER (I miss you, Alan Van Sprang, you were the saving grace of this show).

So it’s ok to change the historical facts for the sake of Holy Francis the Paragon of his kind. But Frary all-consuming union is a historical fact, so don’t touch it. Convenient much?

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I'm sorry but... kennash is meant to be and endgame !

I’m sorry, but this won’t make me love them any better. But whatever makes you happy, dear anon…


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vanessa+ethan in light blue — requested by fatimagic

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They remain forever apart,

this Queen and her Lionheart

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You know what thing I find the most infuriating about Reign post-“Consummation”? It’s the fact that Mary and Bash don’t communicate at all.

Like ok… you’ve killed the ship romantically with thousand burning flames, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t have scenes together. It doesn’t mean that they can’t have some kind of interaction in whatever form. Doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Reign is the only show that pulls this kind of crap, when ex-members of a an important ship don’t acknowledge each other’s existence after the break-up. When Serena and Nate broke up on Gossip Girl, they still had scenes. When Elena and Stefan broke up they still interacted in almost every episode. Same with Lucas and Brooke, same with Tyler and Caroline, same with Ted and Robin.

You don’t have to be involved romantically to share scenes, for God’s sake. I mean Bash and Mary live at the same court, Bash is a high officer right now, which meas that he answers directly not only to Francis, but to Mary as well. He is a husband of her Lady in waiting. So how is it even believable, that they never talk and never interact? But no, all Bash communications are narrowed to Kenna and some random guards and Mary’s to Catherine, Francis, her ladies and some random nobles.

Jeez, this show is so damned lame, that I’m half tempted to do a trashing photo recap. But this means that I will have to watch the episode again. Which. I. Do. Not. Want.


P.S. Narcisse is the only thing I liked about the episode. The dude is freaking rad.

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Torrance Coombs for Bello Magazine

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Mash + colors

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penny dreadful meme; four characters

i’ve been a h i r e d  g u n before. doesn’t suit me. there’s no exaltation in killing for gold.              [ethan chandler]

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Mary & Bash deleted scene (x)

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you were both in terrible danger because of what you mean to each other

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penny dreadful meme × four characters [1/4]: ethan chandler

We’ve all done things to survive. There are such sins at my back it would kill me to turn around.”

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